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  • How is my money protected?
    Your capital is protected in the equity of physical assets owned by the Company. Emerald City Homes has accumulated asset investments that surpass the development fund generated by its investors.
  • How do you select the properties to buy?
    Our location, in the most affluent county of the country outside of London, enables us to quickly source and acquire land and property guaranteed lucrative return.
  • Why should I invest?
    We are able to guarantee above 8% return on your savings above leading high street banks, offering 10% annual return on your investment year after year.
  • What makes you different to other saving schemes?
    Unlike stocks and shares that can drop as quickly as they rise, your return is fixed and lucrative. The risk of property investment, when weighed up, is far less. Also, buying your own subsequent property requires a huge capital outlay. With ECH your savings will grow, regardless of market conditions and rental rates.
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